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Build Your Channel | Buyer Trends

Channel Insight: Four Ways To Build A Better Buyer Persona

One of the most powerful tools for building a marketing campaign is the buyer persona – or, at least, it is when it’s done properly. Simply put, a...
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Optimize Your Channel | Buyer Trends

Channel Insight: What Are B2B Buyers Looking For In The Buying Experience?

Buyer behavior in the business market is changing, and perhaps one of the biggest changes is that buyers increasingly do not see a difference...
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Optimize Your Channel | b2b | Buyer Trends

Channel Insight: Understanding The Four Most Important Factors Influencing B2B Buyers

Know your customer, and you’ll make the sale. It’s traditional wisdom in marketing, and has been since the dawn of capitalism – but it seems like...
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Build Your Channel | Buyer Trends | industry 4.0

Channel Insight: Buyer Behaviors Continue To Change, Are Your Partners Keeping Up?

It’s easy to talk about changes in the sales channel, when there are so many new technologies like Industry 4.0 initiatives reshaping how...
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Optimize Your Channel | channel growth | Buyer Trends

Industry Insights:  Four Buyer Behavior Changes To Keep In Mind

Every two years, SiriusDecisions does a large-scale survey covering hundreds of B2B buyers, looking at their purchasing processes and overall...
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Optimize Your Channel | channel marketing | Buyer Trends

Four (More) Critical Marketing Statistics That Channel Managers Should Know

In the last blog, we noted that SEO and content marketing seems to be slipping down the ranks of importance in terms of building leads – but it’s...
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Partner Collaboration | communication | Buyer Trends | customer service

Buyers Want Multiple Lines Of Communication - Are Your Partners Keeping Up?

It seems like every time people think they have inbound marketing figured out, the environment shifts and it’s time to rethink strategies again....
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Partner Collaboration | digital marketing | Buyer Trends | LogicBay | Training | Sales

Time Is Money: How Encouraging Digital Sales Closes More Deals

In our last blog, we talked about some of the reasons that seemingly-promising leads turn into lost sales. There was one other item we wanted to...
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Channel Partner Onboarding | Channel Marketing Strategy | indirect sales | channel sales | buyers journey | Buyer Trends

Your Starting Point on the Roadmap to Revenue Growth

Effective partnerships can greatly impact any company’s success.  Recently we announced technology partnerships with companies like Sisense, ...
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