PRM Software Solves the Problem of Ineffective Training and Certification

By John Panaccione Posted on 3/4/15 7:00 AM

Every business requires some level of effective training and certification. In a sales channel, it’s the only way to ensure that you get your sales partners’ employees to a level of competence that you require of them in order to sell and service your products.  Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system can help deploy and track training and certification programs across your sales channel.

Existing Problems with Training

PRM Software Solves the Problem of Ineffective Training and Certification

Let’s face it: most preexisting forms of training are probably missing the mark, especially where channel partners are concerned. Prior to Partner Relationship Management software, things were incredibly dismal. They still are for companies that don’t use it.

Without PRM software, you only have a few options for getting your partners on board. You can train them onsite, of course, or bring them to your premises to do the same. Unfortunately, this training will only cover those who are present. What happens when they move on and are replaced?

In that case, you have to rely on word of mouth to make sure your instructions are properly passed on.

The other method is to simply write out instructions and send them to your partners. This is problematic too, though. Even the best-written instructions can come with gaping gray areas. Much of it will, once again, be left up to interpretation.

Adding Technology to the Equation

PRM software leverages the latest in communication technology to help your partners become true assets to your company and ones you can rely on to operate within your guidelines.

For example, with most forms of PRM software, you can use webinars, certification management processes, and online training courses to make sure your partners are aware of your expectations and constantly meeting them.

Better still, at any point, you can completely change your expectations and update your partner through PRM software to do so. This software establishes one main channel for your partners to check for these kinds of updates. While drastic changes may take them a while to adapt to, at least you’ll know the holdup isn’t a result of miscommunications.

These procedures and training courses will also be around at all times. You don’t have to worry that when your trainer leaves, for examples, your partners will be clueless as to how to proceed. They can be accessed throughout the year and remotely, meaning anyone your partner employs can learn how to better serve you.

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Accountability Guaranteed

Maybe the best part of PRM software is that you’re guaranteed accountability. If you send a training webinar over to a partner, you can track if it’s actually getting watched. You can even send them tests their employees need to pass.

These methods mean that, down the road, if a partner claims they were unaware of a certain demand, you have proof they were alerted and sent word they had complied.

Cut Costs

Problems with ineffective training and certification can become expensive. For this reason, it may appear as though they’re worth fixing at any cost. However, if you can avoid these problems to begin with and, should it become necessary, address them affordably, that would really be for the best.

This is another reason why PRM software has found so many fans. It’s an affordable way to handle something so important. There’s no doubt it’s more affordable than traditional ways of maintaining a partner that is well-trained.

PRM software is an important asset for any company and for a number of reasons. However, one of the main one may be that it cuts down on problems having to do with training and certification.

Download CMO 2015 Guide to Managing Sales Channels Partners


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