featureed image Published 2018-07-26, by Andy England

Channel Insight: Interested In Closing More Deals? Talk Less, Listen More

Regardless of industry, product, or scale, everyone has their own sales process that they follow. Whether you follow a traditional seven-step process or you have created your own, a strong sales process can lead to great success and more closed deals. A weak process can deter potential leads from becoming contacts and even paying customers. This is why it is important to understand what customers value the most within the sales process so you know what to focus on and drive sales home.

Deal Registration & Lead Management In The Sales Channel

Each sales process is comprised of different parts that all are valuable. When one area is lacking or missing, the whole process will be thrown off. This does not mean that each part holds the same value to the customer as the rest of the parts though. After working with many different sales processes and dealing with countless clients, time and time again we hear that the key to successful sales is to, "Talk less and listen more".

Customers are people just like you and I – they want to voice their opinion and have their frustrations and concerns be heard. Taking the time to engage in an active listening role when interacting with your clients is extremely important and is often underestimated. The client would much rather have you listen to their problem and present a solution rather than listen to you describe features and benefits of your product which does not solve their problem.

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Knowledge is power.

You can learn all kinds of important and pertinent information about your customers just by listening to them. Knowledge is power, so it is crucial to be an active listener to discern as much information about your clients as possible. The more you know about your client, the higher your chances of success will be in making a deal with them.

Talking less and listening more can help streamline the entire sales process as well. Instead of talking about all the ins-and-outs of your product, listen to what your client wants to hear from you instead. Talk about what the customer wants to hear, not what you want to discuss. The customer will be much more apt to talk freely to you and potentially make a deal if they feel like you are truly listening to them and understanding everything that they are asking.

If you can utilize this strategy within your sales process, you should begin to see more positive customer attitudes and a higher success rate when closing deals.

If you're interested in discussing the challenges you are encountering in your sales channel, contact us today to tell us what's most important to your success. We will see if we have a way to help out.