featureed image Published 2018-10-04, by Kellie Auman

Industry 4.0: What's All The Buzz?

Industry 4.0 is certainly top of mind for us right now.  We recently released our Industry 4.0 Resource Bundle, a compilation of resources geared specifically for those operating in the sales channel.  

One theme resonates within the channel in regards to Industry 4.0: the status quo is increasingly ineffective.

If you're eager to adapt our resources provide information on how to reach your channel goals, address marketing challenges, and improve relationships with your channel partners and end users by evolving processes, technology and mindset.

The Industry 4.0 Resource Bundle includes the following assets:

  • Executive Brief: Industry 4.0: Technology Insights for Channel Program Optimization
  • Manufacturing Today article
  • Online Seminar Series -- Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders
  • Three LogicBay blog articles
  • Contributions from our partner Consilium Global Business Advisor

Access these resources here:

In the spirit of Industry 4.0, check out below a recent recap of the social media conversation around the topic.  We found it pretty interesting!