featureed image Published 2018-08-22, by Kellie Auman

How To Take Your Industry 4.0 Initiatives Further

“Industry 4.0” isn’t simply a buzzword, it’s a new way of approaching manufacturing and production which is reshaping industry itself. Automation, AI, robotics, and Internet-connected devices utilizing machine-to-machine (M2M) communications have all come together to create a new paradigm of production centers with far less reliance on human oversight, while consistently delivering tighter quality margins and higher profits. Vendors who embrace Industry 4.0 innovations are seeing their production centers boom as a result.

new technology for sales channels

However… creating great products is only one side of the business plan. There’s still the matter of selling those products via trusted partners, creating satisfied buyers who turn into repeat customers. That side of business has, so far, been under-served by Industry 4.0 ideas – until now.

LogicBay has become a leader in bridging the gap between Industry 4.0 and products aimed at managing partners, sales, and customers. Our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems and Channelstack methodology take Industry 4.0 further, tying everything together into one tightly-integrated and heavily-automated package.

Partner Relationship Management Best Practices

Industry 4.0 Goes Further With LogicBay ChannelStack

So, what is ChannelStack? ChannelStack is a methodology for organizing partner and customer management which realizes that the sales, communication, and support side of a business now relies on a large “stack” of outside components which all need to be linked together. Even a relatively small operation will require software tools such as:

  • Collaboration utilities
  • Customer management
  • Partner management
  • Online editing and publishing
  • Data intelligence and analytics
  • Content hosting
  • Video services
  • And more!

In the past, a company generally had to set up all these tools independently and ad-hoc, while often requiring a multitude of separate log-ins and management systems. It was necessary during the earlier days of the Internet, but today, the “stack” of systems needed have become too complicated for that sort of human effort. A company with too many software tools could end up strangling itself due to the complexity of managing them all.

Just like how so many factories, before Industry 4.0, found themselves struggling to management and keep up all the high-tech equipment necessary to do their jobs.

That’s where LogicBay comes in. Our ChannelStack methodology allows you to link your tools through a single integrated interface, allowing for much greater levels of automation and M2M communication between those tools. Combined with our PRM platform, and you have a true all-in-one system for making the sales and service side of your business as streamlined as your manufacturing.

LogicBay PRM Ties Everything Together

The LogicBay PRM platform is more than just re-purposed CRM. It takes the basics of a CRM system, including the customer database and analytics tools, but adds additional modules and interfaces to provide the all-in-one functionality a modern indirect sales operation requires. One platform can link together your customer database, partner database, analytics, reporting, training, marketing, communications, and more. It can easily support automation initiatives, such as automated incentive distribution or marketing outreach.

This doesn’t merely help you, as a vendor. LogicBay PRM can be made available to all your sales partners, creating a single platform that everyone in your ecosystem can rely on. Beyond streamlining operations across all your sales outlets, it can also become a powerful recruitment tool. When so many other vendors still use antiquated processes, you can attract new partners simply by being the easiest and most future-focused vendor in your field.

This is only the beginning of how LogicBay and Industry 4.0 can go hand-in-hand. We invite you to contact us for a free demonstration.