How to Get More Results out of Your Relationship Management Software

By Seth Jacobsen Posted on 3/29/15, 7:30 AM

How to Get More Results out of Your Relationship Management SoftwareLike most companies these days, you’re probably utilizing relationship management software to add to your revenue. Perhaps you’ve come to that point where you’re beginning to think about how it could become a major benefit. Either way, you have to realize that software on its own won’t amount to much—even something as powerful as relationship software. If you want to get the most from this technology, you need to think about the following.

Learn to Read Analytics

One tragic mistake a lot of companies make is not appreciating how potent their analytics are. Relationship management software can report all kinds of key performance indicators (KPIs). It can show you when customers buy products from you. It can show you the method they chose for making the purchase. It can help you identify which channel partner is on the ball when it comes to making the sale or drawing the lead.

Relationship management software can do all these things, so long as you let it. However, you have to spend some time learning how this works. There’s no doubt that the software can give you a lot of very important data. What you do with it, though, will decide how much your business prospers. Take time to learn how much the analytics you’re looking at are actually worth. Make the most out of those numbers, and you’ll automatically make the most out of your partners.

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Turn the Lens on Your Company

It’s a huge misstep to think that relationship management software is only about how your partners and customers act. Obviously, the numbers behind these two elements can glean all kinds of information. That being said, your relationship management software should also provide you with a helpful mirror too.

By taking an introspective approach at using your relationship management software, you should have a lens for identifying where your company can improve too. Are you making life easy on your partners? Are you dropping the ball in critical areas with customers? It’s not always easy, but if you can take a critical eye, your relationship management software can go a long way toward helping you improve how your business runs.

Proper Integration

Many companies look at their relationship management software as some kind of separate entity. It sits far away from the way the rest of their business operates.

This would be, yet again, another big mistake though. It won’t be long after you start using this software that you realize how much it really brings to the table. We’ve already expounded on the sheer amount of data it can provide.

What’s worth mentioning, though, is that it would be a tragedy if only a handful of people had access to this data. Instead, you want as many people as possible looking at it. The less people you have going through the analytics provided by relationship management software, the better the chance that you’re missing key insights that could help your business improve.

Automation Is Essential

A company that isn’t taking advantage of automation might as well not have relationship management software at all. With automation, you can cut down on the overhead you face on hiring unnecessary staff. You could also use these people for more important jobs.

Never pay for a form of relationship management software that isn’t chock-full of automation features. However, never make the mistake of not taking advantage of every way your software can automate essential tasks involving sales, fulfillment, marketing, and more.

Using relationship management software is a good step in the right direction for your company. That being said, if you don’t know how to make the most out of it, such a huge asset could actually represent a big piece of overhead.

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