Four Tips For Creating A Successful Webinar

By Kellie Auman Posted on 8/29/17 12:15 PM

We don’t need to tell you that content marketing is a must for promoting your brand, both in terms of increasing awareness among buyers as well as attracting new sales partners. However, one particular form of content marketing is often overlooked despite its many attractive features: WEBINARS.

A webinar can be an amazing opportunity to help establish your company as a thought leader. It builds a sense of community within your ecosystem and gives buyers (or potential buyers) a direct connection to you and your sales partners. Of course, there is a certain risk\reward factor where hosting webinars is concerned. A bad webinar could damage your reputation. However, done properly, they can be amazing as outreach tools. 

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Here are four tips to keep in mind when creating a successful webinar.

1.  Choose the right platform.

There are several platforms online which enable webinars to happen, while also giving you control over the content. When planning a webinar, one of the first things you should do is take a look at your options and pick a hosting platform which will allow you to do everything you need, including recording the content.

It's best to focus on accessibility. Guests should be able to access your webinar through multiple means. Mobile-accessibility is an absolute must, but also look for hosts which allow call-ins and other forms of interaction. Try to avoid platforms which require complex user registrations. That always discourages participation.

2.  Tailor the content.

Webinars are much like blogs. Don't limit yourself by tackling topics you want to talk about; it's best to think of topics your audience will legitimately be interested in hearing about as well. Building an interactive experience about an exciting topic will increase audience participation! The more invested and excited your audience is about the topics under discussion, the higher quality webinar you'll create.

Tip: Leave any overt promotional material for the end – or even consider removing entirely. A webinar is an advertisement in and of itself. Being pushy about messaging can seem pushy.

3.  Leverage your industry partners and contacts.

You don’t have to host a webinar alone. Invite other people from your industry to participate or co-host with you. It’s almost always a win-win situation. Everyone gets extra exposure, and it’ll ensure you have a wider range of opinions and ideas presented.

4.  Make time to prepare and promote.

The last thing you want is to host a webinar and have nobody show up. This comes down almost entirely to messaging. Let your leads, clients, partners, etc. all know about the webinar early on, so they have plenty of time to plan their schedules around it. Encourage RSVPs as well. In fact, try to reward RSVPs if possible! Sweeten the deal with extra content or goodies.

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