How HubSpot Scaled Its Massive Channel Sales Program and Became A Billion Dollar Company

By John Gelardi Posted on 10/16/15 4:36 PM

Channel sales for HubSpot: they said it was impossible. One very determined individual, however, set out to prove that channel sales could make a huge impact for HubSpot—and now, those sales have generated 40% of HubSpot's customers. Wondering how HubSpot scaled its massive channel sales program and became a billion dollar company? The company's CEO listened to a unique marketing strategy that changed the way the company does business.

How HubSpot Scaled Its Massive Channel Sales Program and Became A Billion Dollar Company

Acknowledging the Value of Inbound Marketing

When you put together a pitch, you never know how it's going to be received. Sometimes, you'll hit the nail on the head and provide a valuable service that works perfectly for the company. Other times, you'll discover that they have no need for your particular niche to be filled, perhaps because it's already filled by someone else, but other times, because it's just not right for them.

With inbound marketing, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to bring in people who are already interested in what you have to offer. HubSpot accomplished this primarily through free webinars targeted at marketing agencies. They were created to attract the interest of potential partners, and it worked! Before they knew it, HubSpot went from needing to create pitches to contacting only those agencies that had already been in contact with them.

Selling the Platform

Hubspot's platform has grown substantially over the years. As the scope of the platform increased, their offerings increased along with it. By focusing on that platform, they were able to bring greater value to their clients in a single product. 

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Prioritizing Partnerships

HubSpot makes it possible for anyone to become a partner. It's not expensive to buy in, and becoming a reseller is a relatively easy process. This means that anyone who is interested can become involved, rather than the startup cost being a barrier to partnership. HubSpot doesn't charge their partners any more than they would any other customer, and they have access to unlimited customer service calls. 

HubSpot also prioritizes their partnerships by focusing on reseller issues. It's easy to focus primarily on the issues experienced by the end client. For many businesses, however, it's more practical to start with the issues that resellers are having. That makes it easier to streamline the process, substantially increasing the benefit to the company. Not only that, it makes resellers much more likely to want to work with your company because they know you're willing to solve their issues. For HubSpot, this highly effective strategy has made a big difference.

At the same time, however, HubSpot is familiar with and prioritizes the end result for their buyers. Their goal is to create greater successes for the companies that buy their products, and they'll go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are happy. To help ensure that their partners are also focusing on the clients' happiness, HubSpot provides incentives that reward their partners for the success of their clients.

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Checking the Numbers

HubSpot offers this caution to anyone who is thinking about duplicating their partnership model: make sure that the numbers work before diving in. It's necessary to do some crunching in order to ensure that the numbers work on a large scale, but the time spent crunching those numbers is well worth it in order to make sure that problems don't ensue later.

When a channel sales program comes together, it benefits everyone. The implementation of this program has made HubSpot a rousing success, taking their business further than anyone would have dreamed just a few years ago. By following HubSpot's model and suggestions, you can increase the success of your own business and take your partnerships to the next level.

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