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Four Ways To Build Trust With Your Content And Create Leads

Inbound content marketing is widely considered to be one of the main cornerstones of Internet marketing in general. Push marketing really doesn’t work online, so instead you continually post new content which lures in new leads.

The problem is, how do you make content which stands out and has a chance at going viral among your leads, when the Internet is absolutely flooded with marketing content? According to recent statistics, there are more than four million new blog posts uploaded daily worldwide. That’s an unimaginable amount of content, and while a lot of it will vanish without notice, it still makes it that much harder for the content created by you and your ecosystem to be noticed.

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So how do you stand out as one raindrop within a deluge? Well, as with most things relating to sales, it’s about building trust.

Most Internet users are savvy. Very savvy. They can spot obvious marketing content a mile away, and they don’t trust blatantly self-serving material. However if you can subvert this, and create material which feels honest to them, you are far more likely to gain their attention.

In particular:

1. Be transparent and convey lessons learned

Don’t try to sweep problems under the rug. If your company makes a mistake (and every company will, from time to time) be willing to own up to it. More importantly, be able to show how you learned from it. Online-focused buyers, particularly Millennials, are genuinely impressed when a company can use its own mistake as a teaching moment.

2. Personalize your material as much as possible

Online buyers are turned off by materials which are obviously “mass market” or written to target the lowest common denominator. This is most noticeable with emails, where they will simply ignore any content which doesn’t seem to target them personally. However, you can also leverage this effect in your blogs by having precise market targeting. Don’t cast a wide net. Have a well-defined idea of your ideal buyer, and write your blog as though you’re writing directly to that hypothetical person.

3. Don't shy away from the benefits

No one believes a salesperson who says “I’m only interested in what’s best for you!” No they aren’t. They’re interested in their commission too. Remember this when writing your own promotional materials. You build trust when you discuss how a deal is good for both sides. Online buyers are fine with concepts like symbiosis, when presented in an honest fashion.

4. Place the important information front and center

It should be easy to find basic critical information such as pricing or distribution policies. This should be placed front and center in your content. Buyers consider it a burden if, for example, they have to talk to a salesperson just to discover product pricing. Likewise, try to avoid obfuscating your product line or making an incomprehensible maze of upgrade options. This is widely coming to be seen as deceptive and bad business practice.

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