featureed image Published 2017-05-30, by Kellie Auman

Four Tips For Producing Promotional Videos On A Small Budget

In recent blogs we discussed how the use of visual marking materials is expanding, even in the B2B sphere. Multiple surveys have indicated that C-level execs are as likely as anyone to be watching promotional videos on YouTube as a way of garnering information.  Creating content via a YouTube channel in your particular market niche can greatly benefit your operations, as well as those of your vendor partners.  Most companies are taking strides to produce more video content while keeping costs down.  In this blog we provide four tips for producing effective and marketable promotional videos on a small budget.


1.  Embrace unboxing videos.  Unboxing videos are popular and can be great if your area of business is in any way technical, electronic, or mechanical. Videos of a representative simply opening up your product boxes and describing the contents are incredibly cheap to produce, yet are likely to produce reliable viewership rates.

2.  Shoot B-roll footage around the office. “B-Roll” is the film making term for footage which is used for cutaways, inserts, and transitions.  For example, in a company promotional video, the narrator might talk about the number of workers on-staff, while the camera pans over a shot of employees at work.  That shot is B-Roll.  It’s also used to mask transitions between shots\locations, and is a good way to do a “patch” if you need to paste together two separate takes of a presentation due to presenter error.

Find a staffer, who isn’t doing much, and have them film whatever catches their eye, including interiors and exteriors.  If they have any skill with a camera, they should provide you with plenty of  material you can use and reuse for years in videos you produce.

3.  Utilize free music libraries. One of the keys to a well-received video is often good music.  Luckily, there are many resources for music which is free to use, including the Creative Commons and the popular Incompetech.  Often, the only requirement for use is that you give credit to the composer and\or a link to their website in the YouTube description.

4.  Find local actors. Hopefully, you can produce your videos with nothing but on-site talent.  However, if you do need to actually hire someone, don’t go to a talent agent.  Just go to your nearest college theater department.  They’ll be good enough for your purposes, and will generally work for peanuts – or maybe even just a case of beer.

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