Creating Memorable And Effective Online Training Courses

By Kellie Auman Posted on 5/4/17 9:15 AM

A very powerful aspect of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software is the ability to deliver online training courses, and track the development of each individual staff member at the partner level.  In terms of cost-savings, this might be one of the most compelling arguments for PRM – particularly for companies that are paying big money to fly staff all over to conduct in-person training sessions.

With the right set of online teaching modules, you can greatly streamline new-partner onboarding as well as ongoing skills enrichment and new product training.  This saves both you and your partners a lot of time and effort.  Many sales staff also prefer online training, since it allows them to remain at their desks and available to keep taking calls from customers.

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The key to leveraging these benefits, of course, is creating training content which is effective at communicating the materials in a way which is memorable.  The specifics of these courses will, of course, be unique to your business but there are still many well-grounded principles of educating people which can help make your training modules a success.

Five Tips For Building Better Online Training Modules

1.  Plan ahead.  A good training module is not simply thrown together in an afternoon.  Whether you’re providing an overview of your company, introducing a new product, or creating a ‘deep learning’ module on technical specifics, it’s vital to think about the information you’re trying to convey.  Create a plan of action, or at least a checklist, that includes all the highlights you consider most important to understanding the materials being presented.  

2.  Start with an overview.  Don’t just throw trainees into the deep end.  Prepare them for what’s to come by providing overviews of the material including a list of training sessions and lessons.  Besides prepping the learner for what’s to come, it also tells them which aspects of the lesson they should be focusing on. Without this, it’s easy for a trainee to become overwhelmed with details without understanding which details are the important ones.

3.  Use varied materials.  If you want to put your audience to sleep, use nothing but endless powerpoint slides or pre-recorded lectures.  Variety is the spice of life, and it’s the spice of learning as well.  The more different sorts of materials you can include in your training modules, the better. There are plenty of options here, including:

  • Recorded audio
  • Video presentations
  • Animation
  • Slideshows
  • Pure text
  • Games or interactive modules 
  • Online webpages, particularly those which have interactive elements
  • Co-learning opportunities between pairs (or more) of students

4.  Incorporate humor.  There have been almost uncountable psychological studies all pointing to the same conclusion:  With the possible exception of physical pain, there is no better learning aid than laughter.  It doesn’t just help with retention of key points, it also helps lift students’ spirits while helping to keep them engaged and motivated.  

(If you or your other writers are having trouble being funny on your own, don’t forget that there’s a literal world of online content you can pull from.  There are undoubtedly funny movie clips, stand-up routines, comic strips, and more relating to every subject on Earth.  Since these are internal materials, don’t worry a bit about copyright infringement.  Plunder IP to your heart’s content, if it’ll help liven up your training materials.)

5.  Make sure the final test isn't too difficult.  Ideally, the final test should be simple for anyone who has actually paid attention to the materials presented.  It really should only “weed out” those who are merely clicking through the presentation without actually watching it.  It's best to always provide feedback with the final exams.  Never hide the correct answers.  If a learner got 8/10 questions right, be certain the module highlights the mistakes and provides the correct responses afterward.

Centralize Your Training With LogicBay.  LogicBay PRM is one of the industry’s premiere solutions for all-in-one partner management, including robust options for building training modules along with tests and per-employee tracking.  There’s no better way to quickly create effective online learning opportunities for your entire ecosystem.  Contact LogicBay today to set up a free demonstration!

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