Channel Insight: Transform Your Sales Channel In 2019 By Making These Resolutions

By Kellie Auman Posted on 12/27/18 12:30 PM

A new year is almost here and, of course, that means new year’s resolutions! The end of the year is easily the best time to reflect on where your sales channel ecosystem is currently at, and how you can help your ecosystem grow even larger in the year to come.

Only you know where your sales channels are at, but we’ve got some suggestions for resolutions that should help most organizations find even greater success in 2019!

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1. In 2019, I will help my sales partners overcome the status quo.

We heard a great quote in a recent webinar that got us thinking: "Companies spend so much time discussing their competitors but in most cases, your #1 competitor is ‘Do nothing.’ Your potential customers aren’t convinced the reward is greater than the risk." --Robert Jurkowski 

Buyers are often afraid to stick their necks out, and this can easily sink a deal – even in situations where the lead, themselves, are genuinely interested in the product or service. You should be working with your sales partners to develop selling points designed to overcome the status quo, and demonstrate to buyers that the reward does outweigh risk.

2. In 2019, I will listen to what the data is telling me!

How are your data-collection strategies? Do you have a system in place that can collect and correlate data from across your ecosystem? If not, then you are going to have a hard time overcoming your competition, particularly monolithic direct-sale competitors who can gather all their data internally.

You should be looking to refine your existing data set, and expanding the methods by which you gather data from your partners. More importantly, you should be looking for ways to share that data across your ecosystem, so that everyone can benefit from the data silo. This will help improve growth, as well as endearing you to your sales partners.

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3. In 2019, I will spend more time on local marketing.

Marketing is going local. Large-scale campaigns are fine for brand awareness and buyer mindshare, but when it comes to actually making sales, the proverbial devil is in the details. This isn’t something that should be left wholly up to your local sales teams, particularly in markets that are essential to your expansion strategies.

Work with your partners to better understand the “on the ground” needs of your customers in different markets, and look towards creating marketing materials aimed towards them specifically. Be willing to change up your selling points, based on individual markets and their needs. Buyers in different parts of the country will have different priorities, so cater to them.

4. In 2019, I will expand our lines of communication.

How many different ways are there for sales partners to get in touch with you? How many different communications methods connect buyers to yourself or your partners? Whatever the answer is, chances are, you could be doing more.

For example, a recent Hubspot article highlighted how diverse communications methods had become, in terms of beginning a buyer’s journey. Online “contact sales” forms, directly-booked meetings, phone calls, and chat-based contact were all vital to closing sales. You – and by extension your partners – should be offering as many lines of communication as possible. Likewise, it should be quick and easy for partners to contact you, in case they need help making a sale.

LogicBay Can Be Your Partners In Ecosystem Growth For The Next Year And Beyond

At LogicBay, our goal is to help your ecosystem grow, scale, and succeed. With a combination of high-tech software integration and good old-fashioned know-how, we can help any indirect sales organization overcome obstacles in their path and make 2019 a very good year.

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