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Channel Insight: Three Ways Your Channel Partners Can Sell Smarter

When it comes to getting ahead in channel sales, simply making sales by itself isn’t enough. The goal is to make sales in as short a time as possible, with as few extra costs as possible. Besides helping improve revenues, your partners will appreciate it if it’s faster and easier to sell your products, compared to those of other vendors they might work with.

In this case, it truly is a situation where sales staff should be working smarter, rather than harder. They shouldn’t be spending their time chasing poorly-qualified leads, or making their best sales pitches for people who aren’t actually decision-makers. So, we’ve got a few tips for how they can improve their sales targeting, identify better leads, and hopefully improve both their conversion ratios and their costs-per-sale!

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Three Ways Your Partners Can Be Smarter About How They Make Sales

1. Develop one or more clear buyer persona(s) that define a qualified lead.

What sorts of buyers or companies do you see your product as being best-fit for? And how does that align with the typical customer that your partners work with? Buyer personas help answer these questions.

A buyer persona is simply a sort of “character sheet” which describes, in broad terms, the sort of person your sales partners should be looking to target. This is something that is best developed in consultation with your partner representatives, since they will likely have a better “on the ground” grasp of their typical buyers. In the case of B2B sales, this should also include matters such as their position in the company, decision-making ability, and a rough idea of what sort of purchasing power they or their company has.

Then, as new leads come in, your partners’ sales staff can compare those leads against the persona(s). If those leads don’t fit the bill, they should probably be put on the back burner unless it’s an exceptional circumstance. Then, they can focus their efforts on the most-qualified buyers.

2. Define and position your product’s unique value.

What truly makes your product/service different from other alternatives on the market?

This is something every sales rep working on your behalf should know, and be well familiar with. Situations are going to come up where buyers are comparing between multiple products, and being able to distinguish your product could easily make the difference in closing a sale. However, this information will also help your partner reps throughout each lead’s purchasing journey. By understanding the most important distinguishing features of your product, they can see how well those features match up to the needs of each lead.

However, they shouldn’t rush things. Wait for the lead to realize they have a problem, then be ready to explain how your product – and only your product – is what can solve that problem.

3. Identify and target key stakeholders personally.

Once one of your partner sales reps has a lead on the hook, they should start doing some research. Look into the company they’re talking to, and try to learn more about the organizational structure. Identify the most important stakeholders and decision-makers, even before the direct contact starts talking about moving things up the chain.

Why? So your reps will be better-prepared to engage with those stakeholders.

After all, this sort of information is often easily-available through public sources like LinkedIn. If they know ahead of time who’s above their current lead in the chain of command, they can already be prepared to make a pitch tailored to the next stakeholder down the line. That preparation will make the sale go more smoothly, and reduce the chances of hitting a roadblock.

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