Channel Insight: Four Reasons To Focus On Local Marketing

By Kellie Auman Posted on 11/29/18 10:05 AM

From your position as a vendor at the top of an indirect sale ecosystem, you are naturally going to concern yourself with the big picture. Your primary goal is going to be making decisions that effect the ecosystem as a whole, and choosing marketing strategies that affect the brand on a large scale.

However, that doesn’t mean local marketing should be totally neglected! From your position, you are in an excellent place to help your local sales partners develop local marketing initiatives that boost their own sales. Helping your partners with their marketing is a good idea in general, and helping them with local initiatives brings numerous benefits.

Local Marketing In The Sales Channel

1. Better customer targeting

Precisely-focused marketing is a must, when trying to reach hard-to-convert buyers. Many people today are tired of generic mass marketing that doesn’t seem directly applicable to them, seeing it as just more “spam” marketing cluttering up their day. The more directly pertinent a marketing message is, the more likely they’ll pay attention.

A local focus helps you understand the needs of customers “on the ground” and find ways to target their needs in a more personal fashion. You may even discover that different customers in different regions have different needs, and should be marketed to accordingly.

2. Improvements to your data

Taking an interest in local marketing and local customer behavior also becomes a boon for your data-collection. Once you start breaking down data on a regional basis, you will have numerous new options for sorting, analyzing, and reporting. What separates a customer in Ohio, from one in Florida? How do their buying habits differ?

This is data which is invaluable in the long term, and can improve the effectiveness of all your marketing initiatives at every scale.

3. Gain mindshare among your partners

One of the bedrock principles of managing an indirect sale ecosystem is this: Partners want to work with vendors who are easy to work with. The more you do for your partners to make it easier for them to make sales, the more excited they will be to sell your products ahead of those of your competitors.

Assisting with local marketing initiatives is an excellent way to do this. By sharing data and insights with them, you’re directly adding to the value of their partnership with you. If you create and share actual marketing materials, all the better. After all, you’re probably in a position to contribute better content than they can produce on their own.

4. Ability to spot new trends early

Buying trends don’t come out of nowhere – they start at the ground level. In particular, key markets/areas such as NYC, LA, and Chicago have a tendency to produce new business trends which are then picked up across the country. When you’re putting a focus on local marketing, and collecting locally-focused data, you’re much more likely to notice these trends early. That puts you in a perfect position to capitalize on them, and help your partners capitalize, before other companies get on the bandwagon.

You might even be able to work these insights into your content marketing, establishing yourself as a true thought leader and bellwether.

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