PRM Enables Inter-Connectivity with the Entire Sales Supply Chain!

Posted by Todd Grant on Mar 21, 2012 9:03:00 AM

PRM, or partner relationship management, can be achieved through an efficient use of technology. A SaaS PRM portal allows companies to interact throughout their supply channel, pushing information and soliciting feedback in innovative ways. Partner relationship management allows companies to enable inter-connectivity, which can drive revenue and increase positive branding.

What is Inter-Connectivity?

Imaging a spider web. Within the web, no point is more relevant than any other. Each strand, each joint, has a job to do. If you remove large sections of the web, the entire structure is weakened. This is because all of the parts are inter-connected.

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Your distribution channel works in a similar manner. Without a group of solid dealers, you have nowhere for products to go. Without dealer employees, you have no one to sell your product. Even with a number of dealers, you will not see great revenue if the sales force is not engaged, so you need to find a way to connect all of these people to your product. A partner relationship management portal is a great way to accomplish that goal.

How Does a PRM Portal Achieve Inter-Connectivity?

When you make it easy for your partners to access information, interact with your applications and provide feedback, you are enabling inter-connectivity. Here are a few reasons a partner relationship management portal delivers these benefits.

  • Individuals today are used to on-demand technology as an answer for many issues. Dealer employees have limited time for phone calls and playing message games, so if they can find necessary information in a few minutes online, they come away with a positive experience.
  • Providing a partner relationship management portal that is easy to use and readily answers questions positions you as a manufacturer that cares. When you care about partners in your channel, they will care about you and they sell more.
  • PRM systems allow an on-the-go sales force to work from versatile access points, such as tablets and smart phones, increasing the chance that dealer employees will interact with your product and company.

By providing a partner relationship management system, you achieve inter-connectivity with all entities in your channel. This encourages dealers and dealer employees to develop loyalty to your brand, increasing sales and revenue for everyone.

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