featureed image Published 2015-09-13, by Seth Jacobsen

Promoting Partner Collaboration via PRM

Many challenges we face within our organizations can be traced back to one root cause: ineffective communication. This in turn leads to poor collaboration, which leads to fewer sales, lower profits, and even lower morale. For companies that provide goods and services through an indirect sales channel, these challenges are magnified. So, what’s the recipe for improving communication between channel partners and ensuring a unified, collaborative effort resulting in across-the-board increases? A technology platform that promotes feedback and improves the quality and frequency of communication is critical to helping you achieve the results you desire. 

One of our clients recently faced the complex problem of improving communication across multiple franchise brands. As they were growing, they quickly outpaced existing systems that were designed to meet specific functional needs and recognized the demand for a more comprehensive platform to support these brands. Our Performance CenterTM Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software platform enabled our client to create four branded “campuses” to serve the unique needs of each of their brands. Each campus seamlessly integrated with existing CRM and other third-party systems, and intuitive back-end controls made it easy for management to adapt the system to their changing needs. The Performance CenterTM put powerful reporting tools at the fingertips of those in charge, allowing them to understand who’s using the platform, what content and assets were being accessed most frequently, and which training programs had been completed. 

The Performance CenterTM also gave franchisees access to networking tools that can be easily updated and delivered to their employees out in the field. For franchise owners, this also provided a simple way of communicating with corporate headquarters, improving the bi-directional flow of information. For the corporate office, it allows the marketing team to supply franchise owners with up-to-date pricing information, co-branded marketing material, and an event management system to keep track of local market events and tradeshows; service techs can receive product updates and warranty-related materials in a timely manner; and management is able stay current with any issues aiding or hindering sales or service efforts. 

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As powerful as those, and other, capabilities are, one of the more effective elements of the Performance CenterTM for this particular client has been its ability to foster collaboration and conversation within each brand. The Performance CenterTM provided a set of tools that enabled administrators to set up forums and intranet messaging capabilities. This helped increase communication between franchise owners and managers to share best practices and strategies for growing their businesses. 

Shortly after the Performance CenterTM solution was implemented, our customer noticed significant improvement with franchise engagement – people were using the system, working to support one another, and communicating with their management teams more effectively. As use of the Performance Center expanded, so too did the value that each brand derived from the system.

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