Most vendors rely on outside sales channels and external distribution networks. The success of their business is often dependent upon these channel partner relationships. Without proper care and consistent high-quality support, these partnerships can turn sour, adversely impacting the sales, profits and the reputation of a vendor in the end-users’ eyes.


We've been helping manufacturers and vendors build, scale, and optimize their indirect sales channels since 2003. Based on our experience, we put together a robust list of PRM Best Practices resources to help get you started (just in case you're not sure where to start!) 

These resources will help gauge the current state of your sales channel, provide information on what's available to help and how to start making changes! 


Building a Successful Thumbnail-1       Channel LifeCycles Thumbnail

CMOs Guide Thumbnail       CSOs Guide to Increase Partner Sales

Sales Channel Program Blueprint       Training and Certification in the Distribution Channel

The ROI of PRM Thumbnail       PRM Best Practices

Hewlett Packard Case Study