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About LogicBay

Driving innovation in the manufacturing industry.


About Us

LogicBay began in 2003 by offering training services for manufacturing, financial services, and higher education, and launched the LogicBay learning management system (LMS) and partner relationship management (PRM) focused on manufacturers in 2005. We’ve been building on the functionality of our PRM and LMS to meet the changing needs of the manufacturing industry ever since, and we currently service over 225,000 users in more than 180 companies.

Our digital ecosystem, FUSE, is the next step in evolving distribution management for the digital age. We built FUSE to foster opportunities for every member of the manufacturing industry to connect, learn, and grow.

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Helping Build, Scale, and Optimize The Manufacturing Ecosystem

LogicBay’s technology-enabled solutions are designed to help manufacturing companies connect, inform, and drive sales. Our mission is to help manufacturers, large or small, achieve growth and foster opportunities to improve innovation, serve customers more effectively, and tap into new streams of revenue.

Turning Digitally Determined into Digitally Focused

The International Data Corporation (IDC) reported 97% of “digitally determined” organizations want fully connected processes across their entire business, yet only 5% are entirely integrated. A transformation requires the right digital tools and platforms in order to drive advancement in channel connectivity and a heightened focus on the customer.

LogicBay seeks to turn digitally determined organizations into digital focused ones, by aiding in their transformation with our PRM and FUSE ecosystem solutions. Our solutions continue to evolve to help businesses strengthen key relationships, grow revenue, and forge valuable customer interactions.

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LogicBay’s Leadership Team

Meet the team driving innovation forward and view open opportunities.

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