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LogicBay’s Performance Center™ channel management technology is for organizations that want to move fast in order to sell and deliver products and services through channel partners. In the Performance Center™, you have the ability to instantly turn on a customized, intelligent partner portal for a new channel partner, seamlessly integrating both back-end and front-end processes. Watch the video to learn how LogicBay’s Performance Center gets your new channel partners selling quicker.


Partner Ramp Up Solutions by LogicBay


Decrease Time and Risk with New Partners
Your goal is to quickly bring your new partners up-to-speed on your product line – easily, painlessly, and with great customer satisfaction and minimal risk for both you and your channel partner.

After all, the sooner your channel partner understands your product line, the sooner they are selling it!

Manage Lead Registration – Avoid Channel Conflict
What’s a worst case outcome from launching a channel strategy.  One of them is conflict    between direct selling efforts and channel partners.  A partner portal with the functionality that allows partners to register leads and for you at the enterprise level to approve leads, means that channel conflict will be avoided.

LogicBay’s partner portal makes lead registration and pipeline management in the channel easy. 

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