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Can I Manage My Channel Partners with a CRM package?


Your channel partners determine whether or not your company will hit its revenue targets and your job performance depends on their success.  You have a handful of channel partnerscrm signed up and you have several more ready to come on board over the next few months.  It is time to invest in a in a system that will allow you to effectively manage these channel partners.

Working for an emerging growth company, you have a limited budget.  Your company already has a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place so why not use this.  The simple answer is that a CRM platform is designed for the direct selling environment.  These systems enable the collecting and sharing of data for the entire sales process, from lead generation to closing new business. Your indirect sales channel requires a more complex relationship management.  You need to effectively collaborate with independently owned and operated organizations that have competing demands on their limited resources.  Strategic goals are often not perfectly aligned and tension lurks at every turn. 

To be successful with channel partners, you must manage the following enabling activities successfully:

This complex environment and the various collaboration points are beyond the capabilities of a partner relationship managementCRM system.  What you need is a channel management system that allows you to put all this information and data in a partner portal for easy access by you and your channel partners.  By implementing such a system you can increase sales, improve margins, lower service and warranty costs, and increase customer satisfaction.  What you are really looking for is a partner relationship management (PRM) solution

A partner relationship management system makes it possible to quickly and easily integrate all of the channel marketing activities related to the support, development and management of a distribution channel into a single customized collaboration portal.  Recognizing the extreme challenges associated with launching and scaling a channel strategy for an emerging growth company, all companies in this position should consider a cloud-based  PRM platform with low monthly user fees, no upfront capital outlay and no long-term agreements.

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About LogicBay
LogicBay’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Technology is rich with best practice workflows making it easier for organizations to do business with channel partner re-sellers. The result: More engagement and Mindshare. Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings. Alignment with Channel Partners. And, Performance Improvement for the Entire Sales Enterprise.
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