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PRM Enables Inter-Connectivity with the Entire Sales Supply Chain!


PRM, or partner relationship management, can be achieved through an efficient use of technology. A SaaS PRM portal allows companies to interact throughout their supply channel, pushing information and soliciting feedback in innovative ways. Partner relationship management allows companies to enable inter-connectivity, which can drive revenue and increase positive branding.

What is Inter-Connectivity?

Imaging a spider web. Within the web, no point is more relevant than any other. Each strand, each joint, has a job to do. If you remove large sections of the web, the entire structure is weakened. This is because all of the parts are inter-connected.

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Your distribution channel works in a similar manner. Without a group of solid dealers, you have nowhere for products to go. Without dealer employees, you have no one to sell your product. Even with a number of dealers, you will not see great revenue if the sales force is not engaged, so you need to find a way to connect all of these people to your product. A partner relationship management portal is a great way to accomplish that goal.

How Does a PRM Portal Achieve Inter-Connectivity?

When you make it easy for your partners to access information, interact with your applications and provide feedback, you are enabling inter-connectivity. Here are a few reasons a partner relationship management portal delivers these benefits.

  • Individuals today are used to on-demand technology as an answer for many issues. Dealer employees have limited time for phone calls and playing message games, so if they can find necessary information in a few minutes online, they come away with a positive experience.
  • Providing a partner relationship management portal that is easy to use and readily answers questions positions you as a manufacturer that cares. When you care about partners in your channel, they will care about you and they sell more.
  • PRM systems allow an on-the-go sales force to work from versatile access points, such as tablets and smart phones, increasing the chance that dealer employees will interact with your product and company.

By providing a partner relationship management system, you achieve inter-connectivity with all entities in your channel. This encourages dealers and dealer employees to develop loyalty to your brand, increasing sales and revenue for everyone.

About LogicBay
LogicBay’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Technology is rich with best practice workflows making it easier for organizations to do business with channel partner re-sellers. The result: More engagement and Mindshare. Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings. Alignment with Channel Partners. And, Performance Improvement for the Entire Sales Enterprise.
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